Equity Casting Call

Our response to Equity SSE London casting call: 

We are very disappointed at the choice of the play (whose title is a racial slur for East Asians) by Lauren Yee. We understand this was written as a satire of Asian Americans. The cultural landscape has shifted dramatically since 2009, the year of  its premiere. BESEA racism has spiked 300% since the pandemic and Chinese people in the UK report the highest levels of racial harassment (YouGov). The timing & wording of this shows a lack of thought & responsibility. Satire is not punching down at an already-marginalised community. BESEAs who have objected have been dismissed, gaslit, and patronised. We are sure you understand how this is also perpetuating racism. It is disingenuous to claim to champion BESEA talent yet not choose work by BESEA writers. Do consult our directory if you’re struggling. Further, while no amount of silver ever justifies selling out one’s community, the actual fee is an insult to everyone in our industry.