BEATS are piloting an East Asian cinema program with the support of BFI and Cinema for All. As part of this pilot we screened Columbus with the Curzon Bloomsbury on 13 July and this month we will be hosting a screening of the superlative Tampopo, a film bu Juzo Itami.

The tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tampopo serves up a savoury broth of culinary adventure seasoned with offbeat comedy sketches and the erotic exploits of a gastronome gangster. Sweet, sexy, surreal, and mouthwatering, Tampopo is considered one of the greatest films about food.

Join us for cinematic feast.

When: 28 August 2019

Time: 18:20

Where: Picturehouse Central

Book here.