Columbus 36

After the success of working with distributors to screen and promote Crazy Rich Asians, Shoplifters and Of Love and Law. BEATS are piloting their very own East Asian cinema program with the support of BFI and Cinema for All. As part of this pilot we will be screening, Columbus with the Curzon Bloomsbury on 13 July.

Columbus, is a beguiling and intelligent film about emotions and architecture played out between graduate Casey, in an outstanding performance by Haley Lu Richardson and Jin, a pitch-perfect John Cho who has never been more delectable. 

Columbus is the feature debut of Asian American film critic and filmmaker Kogonada. Set in Columbus, Indiana an epicentre of modernist architecture, Kogonada uses buildings not only as backdrops but thematic motifs to negotiate tensions between family and loyalty.

Many people missed this gem first time round and we hope our screening gives people a second chance to catch this beautiful art house piece. Our screening is at the Curzon Bloomsbury, situated in the Brunswick Centre, one of London’s enduring sites of Brutalist architecture.

When: 13 July 2019

Time: 15:00

Where: Curzon Bloomsbury


Columbus 40