BEATS  is a not-for-profit advocacy organisation founded by British East and South East Asians [BESEA] working in the Theatre and Screen industry.

We seek to:

  • Humanise the representation of British East and South East Asians in arts & culture.
  • Increase the visibility of British East and South East Asians on the stages and screens.
  • Advocate for equal opportunity for British East and South East Asians in the in the theatre and screen industry.

One of our means of achieving change is by directing the spotlight and mobilising the public to generate critical en masse support to key cultural events that act as catalysts for equality and representation for BESEA in the UK.

* * * * *

BEATS have been in formation for over two years now – and what a ride it has been! We’ve overseen the formidable gold open of Crazy Rich Asians, led the campaign Living with Lams and supported numerous artistic endeavours from Forgotten to Summer Rolls.

Help us build the most comprehensive subscription base for BESEA arts & culture.  We want to help BESEA creators share their events, build a bigger audiences for BESEA work & create more opportunities for BESEA community.

All you need to do is SIGN UP!

If you have news to share ping us on beatsorguk@gmail.com.

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